Changing Jobs?

Changing Jobs… Don’t move your 401-K plans into your new employer’s 401-K plans.  Why?  Reason… you can move it to a personal IRA plan with more options, better protection from market risk and leverage additional options like lifetime income guarantees and additional funds for things like Long Term Care expenses.

I am a veteran of the insurance and financial industry for 47 years now and if there is anything I’ve learned about those in retirement, they worry about two things.

  • Losing money during their retirement years
  • Outliving their retirement assets

Both of these can be addressed with “the best retirement plan you never hear of” Indexed Investing.

I write about these in my newly released book “Gorilla Retirement Senior Edition” and is available for free download at .

Please visit my site for more information about this.  You’ll be glad you did.

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