The Market, it’s up and then it’s down

Ok, the market.  It’s up and down.

In 2022, the market lost almost 20%.  In early 2023, it came back about 8% and then it lost 4%.

To date, 2023, the market is down about 5%.

When will retirement investors say, “enough is enough”.

Why gain 10% to lose 15% the next year?

Wouldn’t it be great if your gains were locked in?

Wouldn’t it be great if you never went backwards in the market?

And even though the market is down right now, it will come back.  Or at least it always has.

But even so, how long will you keep those gains?

In my latest book, Gorilla Retirement for Seniors, we show you a strategy that does just that.

It never loses money in the market, guaranteed.

Download a free copy on my book at

It’s only 19 pages long but jammed pack with ideas on retirement investing.

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