Retirement Poem “What the Hell”

I reached retirement and they said life would be swell

Then gas went from $149 to $349, I said “What the Hell”


Then I saw the cost of bacon go up like I’d never seen

Along with coffee, dog food and everything in between


My retirement plan was supposed to earn me plenty

But it lost a lot this past year, in excess of twenty


They said it would come back and maybe it will

But what about all the money it was suppose to make, I’m feeling somewhat ill


I got some good news the other day, but I couldn’t help but wonder

My doctor says I’m doing well, that I’ll live to be a hundred


See If I live longer than my money can survive

I fear there will be much less, my life will be deprived


Stock, bonds, and mutual funds and such

They’ve been up and down and haven’t amounted to much


I dream at night dreams of things costing so much

It makes me anxious and tired worried I’ll be without money in my retirement clutch


Then I remember a guy who said he could make all of those fears go away

In fact, he wrote a book for seniors, maybe I need to read it and see what he has to say


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