Keeping What You Have (continued)

In 2008, the market lost 49% of its value across all sectors.  It didn’t matter what stock or mutual fund you were holding or how many shares you had.

In 2022, the market lost 18.5%. Bonds, thought to be the safe haven for market investors when the market declines did even worst.

(-20.01 for the year)

So how much risk does the retirement saver have when invested in the market. A Ton!

Let’s look at the history of the market. (see below)

Does this look like a place where those in retirement ought to have their money invested?  Let’s break down the numbers a bit more, shall we?

Here, we look at the most recent period entitled the “Great Recession”.

Then in 2/2007 the market hit “the skids” once again. 

This time losing another -49.63%. 

After another 1 ½ year decline the market hit bottom.  It would not be until 03/2013, some 6 years later the market would once again reach its previous high.

Here’s a snapshot of the numbers.

I had said that I don’t market “Ifs” when it comes to helping those in retirement invest their retirement funds.  I market guarantees!  Maybe, it would be a good idea to gather more information about Index investing.

It Never Loses Money.  GUARANTEED!