More Information

We offer three ways to get more information.

  • Sometime, the best way to start the process of checking all of this out would be with a 5-minute to 10-minute telephone call.  It allows you to hear my voice, my demeanor and goes along way with letting you know if I sound like someone who may be able to really help you with your retirement decisions.
  • Download My Book. Perhaps you are the type of person who isn’t ready to speak to me yet. You just want to gather more information and would like to do so without talking to anyone. Then perhaps the book would be the option for you
  • Receive a detailed proposal/illustration. With this option, you will have all of the numbers and pertinent information needed to make an informed decision about indexed investing.  It is likely that you would need to speak with me after receiving this information as you may have questions that I can answer. 
Option 1 - Receive a Phone Call
Option 2 -Download the Book
Option 3 - Request a Detailed Illustration