77% of All Retirees will Run Out of Money During Retirement...

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Why Do Retirees Run Out of Money

The Market goes up and it goes down. And with it so does your retirement money.

There is a difference between market investing before retirement and during retirement.

Before retirement, you are contributing, along with your employer perhaps, into your retirement plan.  While the market goes up and the market goes down, it really doesn’t matter during this period.  Why?

Because if the market is down, share prices are down and that means that your contributions that year will buy more shares and when the market rebounds you sill see a significant increase in you plan overall value.

But that all changes during retirement.

During retirement, you are no longer making contributions… you are only selling shares in an effort to provide retirement income.  And if share prices drop, you may have to sell twice as many shares to pay you the desired income.  And that means, you have less retirement funds going forward.

You might think that you’ve saved enough money for retirement.  But what if you are wrong in your analysis.  Are your conclusions based on “testing” or is based upon how you feel?  Does it take into account inflation?  As things cost more, it takes more of your money to provide the things you need, let alone, some of the things you may want.  Does your plan take into account that as one ages, medical care and medical expenses will likeliy rise.

Retirement is a time when retirees are managing a fixed income and may be confronted with escalating medical cost as well and let’s not forget about inflation.  On the one hand, they don’t know how long they will live and on the other hand they don’t know how much things will cost in the future.  Most are worried.  Perhaps there is a way where these two unknown retirement variables can be addressed.

Retirement Optimization with cooridnatng how and when we draw Social Security Retirmenet Beneifts.

Together, we have a chance to better assure that our retirement money will last as long as we do.

For almost 50 years, since 1975, Dave worked in the insurance and financial industry in North Louisiana.  In 1995, he changed his focus to specialize in retirement planning.  It was at that time the stock market was booming and Dave realized that the market could not continue booming forever and that retirement savers would suffer significant losses in the market in the future during their retirement years.  Not a good time to see their hard earned and hard saved retirement money evaporate.  In 1999 “the Great Recession” occurred losing 46% of the retirement savers retirement money.

Today, Dave markets a special retirement product that offers retirees a guarantee against market declines.  He wants everyone to know the truth about market investing and that there is a way to protect themselves from market volatility and Keep What They Have.  Please take a look at this site and learn more.

In 2021, Dave remarried when he met his wife Connie and now lives in North Dallas, TX.  As Dave says, “I’m the luckiest man in the world”.

Today, Dave is enjoying retirement.  He still works with a select few clients on protecting and keeping what they have.  It is important.  Someone has to tell them.

That is why you are seeing this site.  www.gorillaretirement.com

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